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Many people think replacing your heater is only necessary when it no longer runs or becomes too expensive to repair, but it might make sense to consider a new unit long before your unit reaches this point. Today’s technology in heating systems is much more advanced than it used to be, meaning an upgrade could actually save you money in the long run! How do you know when to consider a new purchase? Here are a few tips:

  1. Approximately 35-45% of heat generated by most furnaces is wasted, whereas today’s units are up to 96% efficient. With an energy efficiency improvement like this, you’ll save substantially on your energy bills.
  2. Is your home struggling to stay warm during the winter? Does it seem to run endlessly or do you notice cool spots in areas? These are signs of a unit struggling to keep up. When a unit runs continuously, you inevitably spend more.
  3. Have you made repairs in the last few years? Most units incur most of their breakdowns during the last year or two of their lives. Like a car, the older it gets, the more repairs you will start to have. Don’t let your furnace leave you shivering in the middle of the next blizzard… often times older units require a waiting time for replacement parts as the parts become harder to find!
  4. Is your unit making strange noises? This is typically a sign of a unit reaching the end of its life. Banging, squealing, rattling, and popping noises are sounds you shouldn’t ignore.

If any of these sound familiar, give Kelley & Dawson a call for a free consultation and to have your unit evaluated!